This was one of the happiest moments of my life~

My friend and I drove up to UC Davis from Santa Cruz on Thursday, April 25 to go to Porter Robinson’s show that night. I wasn’t going to let myself miss one of his shows in the area (somewhat) so we made the trip up. I had a goal in mind. To give him the PR cuff I had made for him since his Circle Assembly tour at The Warfield in San Francisco. My friends and I waited outside for him to come out after his show, but he must have left right away, since he never came out while we stood outside for 2 hours. So this time, I was determined to meet him again. And hopefully be able to hold an actual conversation with him, unlike the last time I met him at Motiv in Santa Cruz when I was in shock and disbelief and freaking out basically crying…

His set was amazing as always, and he played a couple snips/songs from his Ultra set, which was crazy to hear live. But overall, it was a completely different set than his Ultra set. And when he played Elements (EDX’s 5un5hine Remix) by Dinka, I got the maddest chills ever~ This time I didn’t fully bawl my eyes out when he closed with Language (like I did at his Circle Assembly show….) but I did tear up of course. It was beautiful~ <3

After the show, we stayed inside the venue for a little, then went outside to meet up with some of my friends. We lost one of our friends and went to find her. She texted me saying Porter was outside, and we ran to the back of the venue. And once we got there, there he was, standing outside talking with fans and singing flyers. I waited my turn and when I was up I asked him if he remembered me. He said he recognized my face and to remind him where we met. I told him Motiv, Santa Cruz, and his face lit up with a smile and said “Oh my god, you’re the girl who was standing outside!” I died on the inside, smiled, and confirmed. He then went on saying how I would be in the video recap of that night’s show, since the camera crew got me on footage freaking out when we met. He said he had just edited the scene last night, and that the video would be released soon. I told him I was excited to see how embarrassing I was that night (since I was basically crying) and he laughed and said it didn’t look like I was crying at all in the footage and that I “kept my cool.” I then asked if I could give him the cuff I had made him and he happily agreed. I transferred the cuff to him through kandi trade, and it was hilarious how difficult it was to transfer the cuff over. It kinda hurt the both of us, but he told me to keep going and it ended up working out haha. He is literally the sweetest and friendliest person ever. He was so much fun to talk to and so chill and outgoing. I’M PROUD TO SAY THIS TIME I DIDN’T FREAK OUT OR CRY OR ANYTHING AT ALL.  Basically gave him the biggest hug ever and I was the happiest girl on earth at that moment haha.. <3 

Fun Fact: Porter is not a brony~


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